I am a Copenhagen based graphic designer, artist and illustrator. I have studied graphic design and illustration at the Royal Danish Design School, but my enthusiasm for visual communication began as a child. From the moment my hands were big enough to hold a pencil, I drew – and my fascination to unfold myself visually has only become greater with my age.

My universe is simple, classy and minimalistic, and I often deal with conveying difficult emotions in a simple way. I try to cut to the chase without unnecessary strokes, and in each of my drawings there is a desire to convey a difficult subject as simple as possible as well as a desire to build bridges between my illustrations and my audience through recognition and understanding.

“I have always been interested in people and their emotions – both those rational and irrational. In my work I often use my own emotions and myself as a standpoint, but a lot of people recognizes themselves in my work. I think its crucial that we don’t hide or overrule our emotions, but that we dare to acknowledge them as a part of life. My drawings can be seen as a simple tool to get a bit closer to our own feelings.”


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