Illustrated book about life at a nursing home

 In this book I am confronting my prejudices and fears of nursing homes. I moved in to the nursing home ‘Slottet’ and lived there for seven days, in order to study the world and the lives that were lived behind the walls of the nursing home.

 The books shows my personal experiences from my stay – both the good and the bad. In small texts and simple drawings I try to pass on my small observations. Combined all my observations create a greater picture of the world of food on trays, pills in bags and wheelchairs in lines, which I met during my days at the nursing home. The illustrations are almost sketcy, but at the same time  fragile and the texts are written with my own hand writing, all in attempt to keep the feeling of a personal delivery.

Read the whole book here.

Plejehjem samlet #1Plejehjem samlet #1
Plejehjem samlet #2Plejehjem samlet #2