Book about going through life with a fragile mind

In Denmark one out of three people experience a psychiatric disease at some point. Almost two million people. Furthermore does the relatives suffer from the disease as well. Despite of this, the subject, and the many people it is affecting, is still strongly stigmatized and met with taboo. Every small step we take in order to understand the fragile mind a bit better, is a step in a direction of a healthier and more inclusive society. This book is one of those steps.

 “Sårbare Sind” is a request to open up. To speak up. To listen. To talk together. To inklude and pay attention to others and through that gain an greater understanding of the life with a psychistric diagnosis. I’ve met, interviewed and disseminated the stories of seven brave people, who all live a live with a psychiatric diagnosis. The seven stories creates an insight to life with a psychiatric diagnosis. It provides people who wants to know more about the fragile mind a chance to understand it better, but is also a request for others with a mental disease to have the currage to come forward and tell their story.

Read an extract here.

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